The SpinLabel® Rotating label is a multi-faceted, interactive solution for industries seeking the benefits of an Extended Content Rotating Label (ECRL) in a new, innovative form. The “spin” label is actually two labels – primary information is displayed on the top label, which also features several windows or clear panels. As the label is rotated, information on the inner label is revealed through the windows.

The benefits of the Spin label are both varied and numerous – the ECRL addresses a multitude of concerns, including fiscal, social, commercial, and environmental issues, and can serve a multitude of purposes. In the past thirteen years, hundreds of millions of Spin labels have been used on a wide range of products such as: Rexall Sundown Vitamins, Children’s AccuDial® pediatric liquid medicines, and Kirkwood Brand products. SpinLabel Technologies has partnerships with a number of packaging industry leaders.

The Spin label has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements, injectable vials and vitamins. The label has been used in the food and beverage industries for product launches, promotional events, and advertising.

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